Evaporation causing water reduction

Reasons Why Fountains Maybe Losing Water and How to Prevent It

Fountains can lose water for various reasons, and it's essential to address these issues to maintain the proper functioning and aesthetics of your fountain. Here are some common reasons why fountains lose water and how to prevent each issue:

  • Evaporation:
    • Cause: Natural evaporation due to exposure to sunlight and wind can cause water levels to decrease over time
    • Prevention: Install a fountain cover or shade to reduce exposure to direct sunlight and wind. Additionally, consider using a water additive, such as a water clarifier, to slow down evaporation.


  • Splash & Splatter
    • Cause: Water can be lost due to splashing and splattering caused by the fountain's water feature, especially in windy conditions or if the fountain has a strong water flow.
    • Prevention: Adjust the water flow or direction to minimize splashing. You can also add decorative rocks or pebbles to the base of the fountain to reduce splatter.


  • Leaks:
    • Cause: Cracks, loose connections, or damaged components in the fountain's basin or plumbing can lead to water leaks.
    • Prevention: Regularly inspect your fountain for any signs of damage or wear. Address any leaks promptly by repairing or replacing damaged parts.

  • Water Permeation:
    • Cause: Over time, the material of the fountain's basin can develop tiny cracks or become porous, allowing water to seep through.
    • Prevention: Choose a high-quality fountain with a durable basin material like fiberglass or concrete. Apply a waterproof sealant to the basin to reduce water permeation.


  • Splashing Birds or Wildlife:
    • Cause: Birds, animals, or even playful pets can enter the fountain and cause water loss as they splash around or drink from it.
    • Prevention: Consider using a bird net or similar deterrent to keep wildlife out of the fountain. Alternatively, place the fountain in an area less accessible to animals.


  • Wind:
    • Cause: Strong winds can blow water out of the fountain, especially if it has an exposed design.
    • Prevention: Shield the fountain from strong winds by placing it in a sheltered area or using windbreaks like plants or fences.


  • Water Level Maintenance:
    • Cause: Neglecting to monitor and top off the water levels in the fountain can lead to water loss over time.
    • Prevention: Regularly check the water level in your fountain and add water as needed to maintain the optimal level. Use an automatic water supply system if possible.


  • Type & Design of Water Features:
    • Cause: Some water features, like waterfalls or cascades, can cause water to be lost due to splashing or water running off.
    • Prevention: Adjust the water flow or angle of these features to minimize water loss. Ensure that the design of the fountain takes water conservation into account.


  • Water Quality:
    • Cause: Poor water quality can lead to the need for frequent water replacement or cleaning, resulting in water loss.
    • Prevention: Use a good-quality water treatment system to maintain water clarity and quality, reducing the need for frequent water changes.


Regular maintenance and attention to these factors can help you prevent water loss in your fountain, ensuring its longevity and functionality while conserving water. Ask us about our sludge and algae aways natural solutions.