garden wall water features ideas

5 Garden Wall Water Feature Ideas For Contemporary Homes

There can be an array of garden wall water features ideas that come to mind for your contemporary home. When it comes to landscaping for modern homes, designing with water walls has become a staple method for enhancing the luxury of outdoor spaces in a manner that best compliments contemporary interiors. The mesmerising, gravity-defying nature of vertical water features like water walls already makes these unique pieces of garden decor veritable showstoppers in a wide range of home design schemes. On top of this, water wall features usually come in a range of muted colours or reflective surfaces, and present the perfect melding of the natural and built worlds.

Of course, the sheer potential of designing with water wall features can naturally make this process easier said than done. So how exactly can you utilise wall water features in your own garden space to help elevate your contemporary home?

Today, we’ll be showcasing five different garden wall water feature ideas to help you bring all the creature comforts of your contemporary home into your outdoor space.

garden wall water features ideas

1. Play optical illusions with a glass water wall

If you’d like to try bringing the ‘outside in’ and vice versa, then why not invest in a crystal clear glass water wall for your outdoor space? As a totally transparent surface, the flow of water as it cascades down this fountain’s vertical glass frame is designed to play tricks on the mind, distorting the view of anything positioned on the other side of this wall feature.

We highly recommend placing striking vertically inclined objects right behind this wall feature in order to make the most of this optical effect. Decors like potted trees or tall shrubs, garden statues, or even lamps for a gorgeously distorted light effect are all great options here.

Your glass water wall can also be installed between outdoor entertaining spaces and your wider backyard to help organically separate your outdoor sheltered areas from open-air spaces. In our recommended opinion, we believe a glass water wall will be an excellent choice for your range of garden wall water features ideas.

2. Mirror wall fountains for maximising space

Designing with water walls can be a great way of maximising the available space in a smaller garden. But what if you want to create the illusion of more space for your compact courtyard or even smaller balcony space, for all you inner city dwellers?

For those looking to maximise their overall yard space, investing in a mirrored wall fountain is likely to deliver all the results you’re looking for. As a reflective surface, your mirrored wall fountain can help turn a blank wall into the illusion of even more space. And the more mirrors, the greater that illusion will grow.

And your wall fountain doesn’t even have to be a perfect mirror in order for you to take advantage of this effect. Even a stainless steel fountain with a polished surface could be used to recreate this effect in your own garden space.

garden wall water features ideas

3. Consider texture and colour for your garden wall water features ideas

Modern contemporary designers avidly use muted or neutral colours to help keep their design schemes highly versatile and even timeless. It’s because of this versatility that designing a water wall feature can feel like such an open-ended task. There is truthfully a wide range of water wall designs available that would go well with your garden space. So how do you select the right water wall feature for your home and garden?

If your contemporary home has been designed to boast particular colours, then you can look for these same hues and shades when selecting your ideal water wall design. Similarly, textured facades or textured accents like columns can even be taken into consideration here too. Even considering the build materials of your shortlisted water wall features can be a great path of action here. Textured water walls that use materials like stone, carved brick, or even tiles may all pair perfectly with the design elements of your contemporary home. 

Simply put, we recommend that you don’t shy away from the sheer amount of options at your disposal. After all, it’s better to be spoiled by choice rather than scrambling to fill your garden’s glaringly empty spaces. 

4. Go Boho with a Moroccan tile fountain as your garden wall water features ideas

As we briefly mentioned earlier, contemporary home design is beloved by Australian home designers of today for the design style’s innate versatility. Thanks to the design style’s fairly minimalist ethos, it’s quite easy for home designers to make their contemporary home feel uniquely their own by combining contemporary design principles with those of other styles. 

For instance, if you have a preference for Bohemian-style design elements, installing a Moroccan tile fountain in your garden can be a perfect way to help meld both modern elements and more traditional, romantic decor. These water fountains have been crafted using authentic Zellige Moroccan tiles and boast mosaic patterns that will be sure to make a soothing yet striking focal point for your contemporary garden space. 

Want to style your Moroccan tile fountain with some lights? We highly recommend installing string lights for your outdoor space to help provide a bazaar-esque feel that’ll perfectly complement the style created when designing this water wall. 

5. Make your own walls with an abstract fountain

Finally, designing with water walls doesn’t even necessarily mean having to install a literal wall of water into your home spaces. As the contemporary home design is characterised by its ability to play with traditional design principles, a wall can really be anything that acts as a separating or dividing panel or decor item. Accessories like curtains and room dividers are being used as walls in contemporary homes, so why not use this same logic when looking to design with water walls in your home’s garden spaces?

Using an abstract water fountain with a vertical build can be a superb way of creating a water wall effect in your garden without even having to use a water wall feature. For instance, standing rainwater features can be used in a similar fashion to glass water wall features to divide any garden space into distinct sections.


Designing with water wall features can come with a myriad of possibilities, especially for versatile contemporary homes. If any of the garden wall water features ideas outlined above seem suitable for your own contemporary home, then browse through our range of wall water features here at Fountain Store to find the water fountain design that works best for your outdoor space.