How To Clean Garden Statues

How To Clean Garden Statues

Have you ever walked through a sculpture garden and found yourself in absolute awe? Being able to witness the way changing daylight interacts with the detail of a sculpture or statue adds a whole other dimension to art appreciation. Take it from us at Fountain Store – as artists ourselves, we absolutely love finding the best ways to bring statues to life in our garden designs. That’s precisely what compelled us to develop our selection of garden statues and sculptures available here at Fountain Store.

Our selection includes a diverse range of stately statues and sculptures for you to use in your own garden designs. From whimsical fairytale creatures to wistful human figures, there is a little something for everybody in our collection.

Our garden sculptures are also available in a range of different materials, from bronze to concrete to resin, and many others. Because of this, all of our garden statues also come with their own care requirements.

So, you may be asking how to clean garden statues and figurines? We’ll be outlining some of our top maintenance and cleaning tips to help your statues and sculptures look marvellous year-round.

How to clean garden statues

How To Clean Bronze Garden Statues

When answering how to clean garden statues, you will come across different types materials including metal. Thankfully, unlike other metals, bronze is not susceptible to developing rust due to its lower iron content. Even so, bronze has been known to react to oxygen and moisture in unique ways, including discolouration. If you want to stop your bronze statues from turning a mottled green or blue, then consider keeping these easy cleaning and maintenance tips in mind.

As excess moisture can cause your bronze statues to discolour, you’ll want to make sure that your bronze garden statues are placed under cover to keep them looking their best. If you do, however, want your bronze garden statue to be the focal point of your backyard space and don’t happen to have any undercover areas here, then just be sure to clean your statue at routine intervals to reduce risks of corrosion.

You can clean your bronze statue by using a simple lemon and baking soda solution. Apply this solution with a soft, bristled brush before wiping your statue clean with a dry rag. You can even use unscented soap and distilled water to clean a bronze statue. Just think critically on how to clean garden statues and about any solutions that you do apply to your statue, as the wrong chemicals may trigger corrosion. This should also be kept in mind for any items across our metal collection.

How to clean garden statues


How To Clean GRC Concrete Statues

Glassfibre reinforced concrete (or ‘GRC’) is a fairly sturdy and low-maintenance material to begin with, which is what makes it a popular choice on how to clean garden statues and  producing sculptures. The uniform surface of this material is also ideal for creating detailed carvings or figurines. But just like anything that stands outside for months on end, your GRC concrete garden statues can still get a little dirty.

To keep your GRC concrete figurines in the best condition possible, you should ideally wash it with a mild detergent and damp cloth or scouring pad at least 1-2 times a month. If your GRC concrete statue experiences any spills (i.e. sugary drinks, juices, or alcoholic beverages), simply wipe it down with some water and a clean cloth.

Try not to use overly abrasive cleaners and cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the finish of your garden statue or figurine. Although GRC concrete is typically durable, any chemical finishes or paints added to its surface are still subject to damage or fading if harsh cleaners are used. As GRC concrete is also more water-resistant and less porous than pure concrete, you can feel confident that washing your GRC concrete with nothing but unscented soap and water should yield great results.

How To Clean Polyresin/MGO Statues

When discovering how to clean garden statues, it’s important to note that both polyresin and MGO (magnesium oxide) are highly durable materials, even when exposed to the elements. This is what makes them perfectly suitable for the production of statues and sculptures that are designed to be positioned in outdoor spaces.

Polyresin and MGO garden statues are also not at all susceptible to rust formation, so you can feel free to wash these statues with tap water and once again, gentle and preferably unscented soap over harsher cleaning detergents.

Due to their smoother surface, polyresin and MGO statues are susceptible to accruing streaks or watermarks, so it’s important that the statues are dried completely after cleaning and maintenance. This can be done with a simple soft cloth. 

It’s important to note that you should also try to refrain from using bleach and other corrosive chemicals on your polyresin and MGO statues. This is once again, just to ensure that any applied finish stays uniform.

How To Clean Garden Statues and Ceramic Figures

The porous nature of earthenware and clay materials make them highly suitable for the production of garden planters. For those looking to invest in garden statues and sculptures that match their clay or terracotta pots, figures made of ceramic can be a welcome addition to their curated space.

Ceramic statues and figures can be submerged in soapy water and washed with ease, just as you would your porcelain or ceramic kitchenware. Any ceramic sculptures or statues that have been painted should be scrubbed with care, just to avoid any scratching or fading. You can use vinegar and scrub with an old toothbrush to help clear any smudges with ease.

Keep in mind as well that ceramic has been heat-treated, so it is very susceptible to temperature changes, much like glassware. This means that you shouldn’t submerge your ceramic statue or sculpture in hot or boiling water, as doing so can lead to warping or the formation of cracks.

You can also use these same cleaning tips and techniques to keep your ceramic water fountains in tip top shape.

How to Clean Garden Statues and Wooden Statues

Wood is perhaps one of the more difficult materials to keep well-protected from the elements. But if there is any country that’s mastered the art of caring for wooden surfaces outdoors, it is us Aussies.

Truth be told, learning how to clean garden statues and your wooden sculptures is just as easy as caring for your wooden decking. Any food or drink residue from spills can easily be hosed or rinsed away before wiping your wooden statue clean with a dry cloth or rag.

As wood is a porous material, it’s best to let your wooden statue air dry outdoors and away from direct sunlight if possible, just to prevent warping. You may even opt to use a protective finish on your wooden statues to boost their resistance to moisture.

How To Remove Moss, Mould, or Mildew From Your Garden Sculptures

If you find that your garden statues or sculptures do accrue any moss, lichen, or even show signs of other mould build-up, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are ways of removing these build-ups without causing damage to the structure itself. Here are our top tips on how to remove moss, lichen and mould from your garden statues:

  • Use all-purpose bleach and mild cleaning detergents to safely kill moss, lichen, and begin clearing mould.
  • Scrub garden statues lightly with this bleach solution – an old toothbrush or soft bristled brush should work well here.
  • Rinse excess cleaning solution off your statue before reapplying solution and scrubbing again to remove any remaining moss, mould, or lichen.
  • Use a zinc oxide primer once cleaned to reduce risks of future mould or mildew build-ups.


It’s natural for your garden statues and sculptures to corrode a little or even fade over the years. After all, facing seasonal extremes year-round can take a toll on even the sturdiest furnishings and garden decor

So long as you properly know how to clean garden statues and figurines regularly and clean them as we’ve outlined above, you should find that your garden decor stays well-presented from season to season.

Want to know more about any of the items across our collection? Contact our team today for more information on our entire range of home and garden decor.