how to select garden decor

How To Select Garden Decor For Australian Homes

Learning how to select garden decor for your backyard is really all about training your ability to see the potential in that garden space. For example, if you have raised garden beds, japanese zen gardens or a fire pit, then your space already has its own dimensionality. In this instance, when thinking about how to select garden decor the right way, it will require you to consider decor items that enhance or compliment this existing depth and dimension.

Today, we’ll be outlining some of the most popular garden decor ideas for Australian homes. We hope that this little garden design guide will help you get a clearer idea of what designscapes may be possible for your own garden spaces, as well as the benefits behind some of the most popular decor ideas seen today, which includes:

How to select garden decor

Garden wall decor for added verticality

Just as your home should incorporate home decor that brings balance to your interiors, so too should your garden. That being said, attaining a balance between all the elements in your garden space is always easier said than done, especially if you’re a big fan of designing with loud and vibrant decor that tends to take over the space. As fun as it is to design with garden statues, there’s no denying that these vertical, free-standing elements can require a fair amount of repositioning until you get their placement perfect.

So how to select garden decor or wall decor that balances the vertical and horizontal elements in your garden space? Well, it’s really all about using different types of vertical elements to accompany the innate horizontality of garden spaces.

Garden wall decor can easily compliment other artificial vertical elements like bronze statues, without further interrupting the open, horizontal space available in your garden. In other words, by using the wall space available in your garden, you can add extra verticality to your garden space without having to place any more statues or plant large trees.

Using stone decor in the garden

Knowing how to select garden decor to suit your garden space requires gardeners to develop an eye for texture. Thankfully, Aussie gardens are best characterised by their flair for rusticity, meaning that you can expect a certain uniformity when it comes to texture. Our garden beds are likely either made of wood or Aquaplate steel. Similarly, our garden pavers are likely to be sandstone, granite, or cobblestones, as these materials are readily available here in Australia and tend to pair well with the stone or gravel fillers used in drought-tolerant garden spaces. 

Finding the right decor to compliment these rustic elements isn’t as complicated as you may think either. In fact, there’s even plenty of decor items available here at Fountain Store that will pair perfectly with your existing stone or granite textured elements. For instance, our collection of rock and nature-inspired water features can help effortlessly meld the hard and soft elements of your garden alongside highlighting the use of stone and other rustic textures in your designscape. 

You can even choose to integrate these textures into your home to create a sense of cohesion between your interiors and your designed garden spaces. That’s precisely why we’ve developed our collection of electric fireplaces!

how to select garden decor


‘Down the rabbit hole!’

Whimsical garden design is another highly popular trend here in Australia, and it’s clear to see why. The opportunity to curate and how to select garden decor in a delightfully fairy tale-esque world right in your own backyard can spark a lot of joy for Aussie homeowners, especially those with a penchant for storytelling through design. 

The ‘Alice in Wonderland’-inspired garden design scheme is also one of the most enjoyable to select decor for, mostly because it allows homeowners to let their imagination run wild. Yes, rose bushes are typically seen as a must for this particular set-up, but from here, homeowners can feel encouraged to add a wide range of other design elements, ranging from eccentric statues to planters and pots that depict woodland creatures, fairies, and other ethereal figures that have been taken straight from faraway magical realms. 

How to select garden decor: The glamper’s garden?

Luxury outdoor living is a trend that’s been particularly popular here in Australia, mostly because our ‘great outdoors’ are truly as great as you can hope to get anywhere in the world. That’s precisely why ‘glamping’ (or ‘glamorous camping’) has been embraced to the umpteenth degree down under. 

Alongside changing the way we camp, however, glamping has also held an immense impact on the way we design our garden spaces. As glamping uses the philosophy that outdoor living doesn’t need to be synonymous with ‘going without’, many Aussie garden designers have taken it upon themselves to select garden decor that creates beautiful outdoor spaces that encourage garden visitors to just sit in comfort (and style!) and take in all the beauty that your curated garden space has to offer. 

If you’d like to transform your garden or backyard into an open-air retreat, then chances are you’re looking to find the right luxury decor items to help bring this serene space to life. Thankfully, there’s plenty of luxury decor items to select from right here, including stainless steel fountains and water walls, perfect for emulating the atmospheric sounds of a babbling brook and inspiring awesome relaxation in your glamorous outdoor setting. 

Soft light is also a must-have for garden spaces that give the urge to go glamping. Our range of candle holders can provide your glamping-inspired garden with the soft, ambient lighting it needs to keep your space picturesque and inviting from dawn to dusk. 

How to select garden decor for your Australian home

When considering how to select garden decor to rightfully compliment your garden space really requires you to take a step back and consider your backyard or garden as a whole. Look at its existing design elements and compare them to the design ideas you’d like to develop. By working with what you already have and building off the designscape as it currently stands, you can hope to create a garden design scheme that sings all on its own, alongside perhaps even enhancing the warmth and character of your wider Australian home.

If you wish to know how to select garden decor the right way then, browse through our range of garden decor features here at Fountain Store to find the decor that works best for your garden space.